Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Cleanup

Welcome to Blog #1 for Eazy Peazy Quilts. We're a pattern design company specializing in purse and purse accessories plus our Eazier Livin' line for the handicapped.  Getting this blog up and running was on the "to do" list for January...actually it first appeared 6 months ago in July, but was able to procrastinate until now!  Somehow I can trick myself into thinking I'm ahead of schedule when it goes up prior to changing the page on the calendar.  Just the way I fool myself!

Hope to bring in the coming months some fun peeks into the world of Eazy Peazy.  You'll get to see how some of the Eazy Peazy patterns are displayed in great quilt stores across the country, plus learn about new products on the market which make our quilting lives easier.  I'd also like to introduce you to some wonderful quilters and quilt shop owners who I've met. 

My wish is that you'll "stop by" now and then and will enjoy the light-hearted posts.