Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Newest Project- A Canvas Floor Cloth

Eazy Peazy Gal’s Latest Project
A Canvas Floor Cloth!
Here’s a fantastic and Eazy way to use your treasured scraps...the ones you love so much and just can’t bare to part with. Their size doesn’t matter.
Make a canvas floor cloth from a piece of artist’s canvas using one large jar of Mod Podge, add several days and…voila, a lightweight floor cloth that is durable, colorful and oh so decorative.

Eazy Peazy GalTips: Have extra foam brushes on hand and you may want to wear rubber gloves if you have a nice manicure. Mod Podge does not play nicely with nail polish - ask me how I know!

Pictured are the steps starting from the center motif through to the end of the process. This particular canvas floor cloth is now headed to Spring Market in Kansas City.
Complete directions for this can be found at: EAZY PEAZY GAL FREEBEEZ