Friday, February 24, 2012

Susan Brubaker Knapp

Susan Brubaker Knapp
Blue Moon River
Susan Brubaker Knapp in addition to being a busy wife and mom is an award winning fiber artist, author and teacher who has really made her mark in the quilting world.
Susan's Latest Book
Susan’s unique quilt designs are often inspired by the images of nature her camera captures. She tells me the feature she loves the “micro” button on her three cameras which allows her to shoot very close and yet maintain focus.“I always carry a very small camera in my purse just in case something presents itself. The cost of the camera is not what’s important”.Susan’s latest book entitled Point, Click, Quilt, teaches mastery of the techniques of fusible appliqué and thread sketching based on photographs.
She doesn’t have an art background but an English major going who went on to earn a master’s degree in journalism. After college Susan worked as a graphic designer on a newspaper and holds the firm belief everyone can learn to be creative and artistic.
“Most people just don’t take the time!”, she exclaims.
Her beautiful thread painting is achieved by the use of lightweight 100% cotton with Aurifil Corro Mako 50 being her favorite. “When you do thread sketching, it is important to work with a very light thread so you can control how heavy it is, and build it up so that it is the right density.”
Hope is the Thing
A highlight in 2011 was having her “Hope is the Thing” quilt being selected as part of the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach and Houston. It now has been purchased and is part of the International Quilt Festival Collection. Susan’s “Maximum Cat Nap” also was a prize winner at 2011 Quilt Festival.
Maximum Cat Nap
This spring she’ll be teaching in the Netherlands for eight days and then go on to Johannesburg, South Africa for the first International Quilt Convention-Africa. All of this added to her already full teaching schedule and Susan will be bringing the creative possibilities to us through new books, patterns, DVD’s and TV segments.
Learn more about Susan and her company Blue Moon River on her web site.