Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop Stop

Today finds us in Winter Haven, FL. 

Heartfelt Quilting, owned by Pat Roberts, is always a happy, active place.  Pat was the very first shop to see and purchase the early Eazy Peazy patterns.  A great merchandiser, she's able to take a simple idea and build it until it becomes fabulous. 

Note in the picture the bejeweled walker which was in Houston. Pat didn't just hang the Walker Saddlebag on it...but added "Granny".  Granny has her own "back-story" complete with facelift and hip replacement!  It was taken to another step when Pat put soap products in a bucket. She's able to sell patterns plus soap in this eye-catching display right inside the front door.  This starts and ends your visit with a smile. See more of Heartfelt at

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where's Eazy Peazy Now?

Let's start this series at Red Hen Fabrics in Marietta, GA.

Hop off I75 in Marietta and travel the few extra miles to Red Hen Fabrics for a real treat.  "Mother Hen", Mary Anne Henderson runs a wonderful quilt shop filled with yummy fabric lines.

Mary Anne, an artist, fabric designer, and award winning quilter brings her creativity to her store. The merchandise displays and quilts are constantly changing.

Red Hen Fabrics was one of the first places to take a chance on a new pattern series...and during one stop, Mary Anne asked for a sample of the Bodacious Brag Bag, and ended up getting the one I was using.  I just hauled out my wallet, tissues, cell phone, keys, etc., and that bag still hangs in the store.

On the day this picture was taken, Mary Anne who did not know I was arriving, remarked that she was dressed in the "Eazy Peazy colors".   You'll find her website: